Why We Exist

More than likely you came across my name on social media, or maybe we met at my kids school or an extra curricular activity club.
I am Amber Farrar, an African-American author, community leader, self-taught entrepreneur, influencer, and mentor. Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO.  I work from home, and manage a household of 7. I love to read, write, diy projects, and food tasting.
I founded AmberFarrar.com because I want mothers who feel like failures and they don't meet societal expectations to know that your past does not define you yet tells your story of strength. All mothers can have it all (whatever it is that your heart desires).
I launched my online store in 2017 to influence my female audience by being an open book. 
Along this journey, I've relocated my family for personal reasons, jumped the broom (not physically), birthed my 5th baby, and survived Hurricane Harvey 2 months after moving to Houston, TX. I share my real life stories with my audience, good and bad. 
We want to be a lifestyle channel for creative professional women to explore self-help ideas.
Which brings me to you! I sell things but more importantly, I provide plenty of resources to my viewers for free! If you love to read and like to listen you will find tons of valuable information that may be useful in your day-to-day life without paying a penny for it. 
Since I launched my site, I began to respect myself more as a business professional. I decide what services should be free of charge and provide them. I still have clients that I don't mind allowing to pick my brain every once in a while, but notice that I said they are clients and not people who are not willing to invest in themselves at all. There is a huge difference. Everything can not be free. 
One of the things I'm asked is "What do I need to do to get started?" My answer is start. Then read as much as you possibly can. My uncle once told me "If you want to hide something from a person put it in a book because people don't read." In my opinion reading is the way to success!
If you are still here, thanks & love!
I look forward to a healthy relationship with you, and you can count on me to be as resourceful as I possibly can!